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The ACLU seeks an experienced, strategic and visionary full-time Chapter Director, Puerto Rico to lead it’s work in the ACLU’s National Chapter office in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Chapter Director balances many different interests of various constituent groups and individuals while grounded in a strong knowledge of Puerto Rico’s history and culture, political landscape, geopolitical relationships, and powers within its status as a U.S. territory. The position requires a collaborative and driven leader with a broad range of knowledge and contacts, a deep understanding of Puerto Rico’s complexities and their implications for advancing the work and goals of the ACLU. The ideal candidate will possess strong organizational acumen, fundraising, communications, critical thinking and interpersonal skills, and outstanding judgment.

The Chapter Director is responsible for providing direction and leadership toward achieving the organization’s philosophy, mission, strategies and annual goals and objectives. The Chapter Director is responsible for ensuring that the organization is fiscally sound and harnessing its resources to best meet the current and emergent needs and interests of its constituents, including in the areas of programming, development, advocacy, and internal and external communications.

The Chapter Director will be adept at balancing internal management with external impact and visibility. The individual must be an outstanding communicator who is able to develop and maintain relationships that ensure financial health and stability, build important partnerships that maximize the organization’s influence, and effectively convey the mission and activities of the ACLU to a variety of constituencies and broader public


The Chapter Director will be adept at balancing internal management with external impact and visibility. The individual must be an outstanding communicator who is able to develop and maintain relationships that ensure financial health and stability, build important partnerships that maximize the organization’s influence, and effectively convey the mission and activities of the ACLU to a variety of constituencies and broader public.

Executive Leadership and Vision

  • Lead the organization’s staff to a shared vision, goals, and strategies that advance and align with the ACLU’s mission and program goals.
  • Operate strategically in a political and social environment where success depends on the ability to work effectively with individuals and organizations across the political spectrum.
  • Serve as the chief marketer, fundraiser, communicator, and spokesperson.
  • Grow and expand the ACLU’s reputation, developing and maintaining key relationships of influence.
  • Exhibit courage and clarity when addressing highly controversial and complex issues.
  • Strengthen relationships with National Office staff and programs to advance
  • opportunities for collaboration and aligned efforts.
  • Guard the organization’s integrity, credibility, and non-partisanship.
  • Champion and value diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level of the organization; strive towards a culture of belonging.
  • Motivate and maintain a cohesive staff, ensuring strong internal communication and collaboration.
  • Foster a supportive team-oriented environment where independent and innovative thinking is encouraged, and staff act with clarity of mission and purpose.
  • Promote an environment of continuous improvement, learning, and effectiveness.

Program Management

  • Drive the organization’s issue priorities with clear vision and strategies that build organizational power and influence, leveraging past successes and adapting effectively to the external environment.
  • Ensure disciplined prioritization of the work within a respectful culture of accountability, with clear program goals, strategies to accomplish goals, and regular feedback.
  • Ensure strong relationships with national program staff that leverage the full weight of the organization.

Strategic Financial Management

  • Lead and oversee long-term financial planning activities that balance a future vision with financial and legal risk considerations, ensuring use of best practices that meet the highest standards.
  • Anticipate funding needs and seek out opportunities to meet those needs.
  • Lead strategies to expand financial resources available to the organization in coordination with the National Office, pursuing opportunities to seek new sources of funds including grants, individual donations, and in-kind support.
  • Collaborate with national staff to implement the national fundraising model, participate in nationwide convenings, and ensure that fundraising platforms are used well in the affiliate.
  • Produce transparent financial reports, audits, and budgets as required by the National Office.

External Relations and Public Representation

  • Increase the organization’s visibility and public’s understanding by clearly articulating and communicating to diverse audiences in Spanish and in English, as required, the organization’s positions, rationale, and work on a broad array of complex issues.
  • Maintain strong relationships with the local and national media, guiding organizational strategy, and working effectively with the national communications staff to maximize nationwide messaging and amplify local priorities.
  • Convey an inspiring vision and communicate with intention and clarity about decisions and rationale.
  • Communicate with a wide range of stakeholders with empathy, emotional intelligence, and respect; work effectively in cross-cultural settings.
  • Value a diverse set of voices to represent the organization’s positions on its work.
  • Initiate and strengthen relationships and collaborations with organizations and leaders who are connected to ACLU’s mission and purpose.

Qualifications & Candidate Profile:

While no one person will embody them all, strong candidates will have many of the following professional qualifications and personal characteristics:

  • A minimum of ten years of professional experience in ACLU priority areas, and a Bachelor’s degree. An advanced degree and prior nonprofit experience are preferred.
  • Full bilingual (Spanish/English) speaking and writing abilities and deep understanding of Puerto Rico’s history and culture, and political landscape. Experience in delivering both formal and extemporaneous presentations.
  • Firm commitment to the mission and principles of the ACLU, with an understanding of the range of civil liberties issues and their implications, particularly in reference to Puerto Rico.
  • Unquestionable professional integrity and commitment to advancing civil rights and liberties universally.
  • Professional and personal connections to Puerto Rico.
  • Capacity to inspire and conceptualize, express ideas, and anticipate and act on events which may create opportunities for the ACLU.
  • An entrepreneur who is creative, strategic, resourceful, and politically astute; someone who understands the value of creating partnerships with other organizations as a way of accomplishing the ACLU’s goals.
  • Proven fundraising and financial management experience with a solid track-record of success.
  • Proven managerial, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and human resource experience in the private, not-for-profit, or public sectors.
  • Ability to see opportunity ahead and lead the organization to a shared vision of its future and be able to translate vision into action.
  • Ability to advance equity and inclusiveness when analyzing issues and making decisions.
  • Use of data to make decisions.
  • Ability to build and nurture a positive working environment, even in high intensity situations.
  • Proven and successful track record in creating and implementing programs.
  • Demonstrated experience creating partnerships and collaborations with diverse personalities and talents.
  • Experience working with volunteers.
  • Excellent problem solving and decision-making skills, and ability to work independently
  • and as a member of a team. A team player that inspires collaboration and functions decisively.
  • Creative, result-oriented, self-starting, willing to learn, and able to manage an aggressive schedule, working beyond 9-5 as needed.
  • A highly effective networker.
  • An energetic person who can work in a high-pressure environment, handle and prioritize multiple activities and responsibilities.
  • Outgoing and straightforward; one who shares information easily, listens as well as gives advice, and respects and enhances the abilities of others.
  • Emotionally mature and self-confident, with a sense of humor to maintain balance and perspective.
  • Proficiency with computers: Windows and Microsoft Office in particular.


The ACLU values equity, transparency, and clarity in pay. Consistent with the ACLU’s compensation philosophy, there is a set salary for this role. The annual salary for this position is $128,941 (Level C2), reflective of a position based in San Juan, Puerto Rico where our Chapter Office is headquartered.


The ACLU of Puerto Rico is one of 54 local offices of the national ACLU. The ACLU of Puerto Rico chapter was founded in 1994 and staffed its first office in 2002 in San Juan. The Puerto Rico chapter has a staff of five professionals and a reach that includes all of Puerto Rico’s municipalities. In addition to partnering with staff members from the National office and other affiliates on specific issues and projects, the ACLU of Puerto Rico frequently joins forces with other organizations to maximize its impact.

While the organization undertakes exceptional work out of its headquarters, the ACLU’s greatest strength is its network of members, and the more than 1100 staff who work out of their offices. The local offices and their staff constitute an unparalleled bulwark in defending and advancing civil liberties and civil rights. While each of the affiliates enjoys significant autonomy in determining programs and priorities appropriate to each locality, the organization has increasingly operated as one nationwide organization.


Candidates are encouraged to apply electronically by March 15, 2024 by sending the following materials to Janice Petrovich at Petrovich.search@gmail.com:

Please submit the following, addressed to the American Civil Liberties Union Search Committee:

  • Cover letter describing your interest in ACLU of Puerto Rico and its mission, how your skills and experiences relate to the desired Chapter Director profile, and your connection to Puerto Rico and understanding of its unique history, politics, and culture.
  • Resume
  • The names and contact information of three references.

Referrals, letters, and application materials submitted will be held in strict confidence.


Equity, diversity, and inclusion are core values of the ACLU and central to our work to advance liberty, equality, and justice for all. For us diversity, equity and inclusion are not just check-the-box activities, but a chance for us to make long-term meaningful change.  We are a community committed to learning and growth, humility and grace, transparency and accountability. We believe in a collective responsibility to create a culture of belonging for all people within our organization – one that respects and embraces difference; treats everyone equitably; and empowers our colleagues to do the best work possible. We are as committed to anti-oppression and anti-racism internally as we are externally. Because whether we’re in the courts or in the office, we believe ‘We the People’ means all of us.

With this commitment in mind, we strongly encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status and record of arrest or conviction, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.    

The ACLU makes every effort to assure that its recruitment and employment provide all qualified persons, including persons with disabilities, with full opportunities for employment in all positions.