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AICPA Benevolent Fund, Inc.
One-time disaster relief and temporary financial assistance


√ Current Voting AICPA members, their surviving spouse, or dependent children with financial need.


The Fund primarily provides temporary assistance with meeting daily subsistence (living) expenses, and medical and prescription expenses that exceed insurance coverage brought about by serious illness, an accident, or the death of the primary source of family income.

The Fund also assists cases where AICPA members are facing financial hardships due to onset of natural disasters which may include deductibles that need to be met, amounts that have already been spent due to displacement or otherwise.

• Detail the amount of impact you have suffered from the natural disaster, assistance that you have applied and/or received or been denied, and notes regarding intentions to pay for reconstruction process. Photos may be included if desired.

General steps:

Complete application

Provide documentation and/or verification required by application

Mail application and required documentation

Other requirements:

Applicant’s seeking disaster relief financial assistance must also apply for other available resources such as:

o Unemployment, Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicare and Veteran’s Benefits.

o FEMA, SBA, etc.

Additional information not answered by the instructions:

Webpage: http://www.aicpa.org/About/Affiliates/AICPABenevolentFund/Pages/default.aspx

Contact the fund administrator at 866-527-2228, who may reach out for a phone interview to assist in quantifying the need.

Benevolent Fund Application_Fillable.pdf
Instructio‭ns for Application for Financial Assistance under the Benevolent Fund_FINAL 2017.pdf
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