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XIV Governmental Accounting and Auditing Annual Forum
(GAA-GAAAF) (1718-599)

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Puerto Rico's economic crisis, PROMESA, the Financial Oversight Board, and hurricane Maria as well as other events, have raised concerns and issues which sooner or later might affect accounting and auditing in governmental entities. In this Forum we will examine the following topics:

  • PROMESA as of 4/2018
     - A look at agencies, municipalities and other instrumentalities after a year under
     - Restructuring Support Agreements (RSA) as of April 2018
     - Proceedings
     - Judge Laura Swain's decisions
          John E. Mudd, Esq., Principal, Law Offices of John E. Mudd
  • Business Continuity Plan
     - Developing a disaster recovery plan
     - Lessons learned from hurricane Maria
         Ms. Robbie Atabaigi, Master Business Continuity Professional, KPMG, LLP
  • Reporting and accounting issues
     - Contingencies
     - Going concern in governmental entities
     - Impairment
     - Government Development Bank's Restructuring Support Agreements
         Anthony Cruz Aldecoa, CPA, Presidente, Cruz Aldecoa PSC
         Marcos T. Meléndez Toro, CPA, Audit Manager, Román Toro & Co., PSC
  • Single Audit Issues After Maria
     - Discussion of Circular Letters from OMB
     - Impact in Single Audits for 2018 and forth
         Daniel Santos Llanos, CPA, Torres, Hernández & Punter, CPA, P.S.C.
         Soane Díaz Burgos, CPA, CGMA; Manager, CPA Díaz-Martínez, PSC


  • GASB and other guidance update
     - Overview of GASB Statements Number 75 - 88
     - Review of other guidance
         José E. Díaz Martínez, CPA, CGMA, MBA; Presidente, CPA Díaz Martínez, PSC
         Orlando Torres Torregrosa, CPA, Audit Managing Director, KPMG, LLP



CPA Francisco Parés Alicea, Subsecretario Auxiliar, Area de Rentas Internas, Departamento de Hacienda Gobierno de Puerto Rico